Maintaining the juggling act without dropping the ball

Multiskilling or multitasking as it is sometimes referred too, is a terminology given to the process of individuals or teams who have the experience, knowledge and the ability to carry out more than one key task competently.

In layman terms it is maintaining the juggling act, being able to keep several things in motion at the same time, and usually with minimal resources at hand.

It is a very fortunate ECC commander or OIM who have such people in their teams as their ability to launch and manage several actions/tasks simultaneously during an emergency would be invaluable. By doing so they are inevitably being proactive, which is another essential management style needed by emergency management and response personnel.

The key element to ensuring multiskilling/tasking works is to assign all tasks with completion or action times and constantly monitor progress and development, a cyclic approach of management.

This management style and skills set will bring most emergency situations under control and eventually bring about the end to the heightened threat, and by doing so will save life and maintain the company’s reputation.

The difference between a Democratic Consultative briefing style and an Authoritarian Autocratic briefing style

Democratic from the noun Democracy or for and by the people.
Autocratic meaning single person responsible for all decisions.

A “Democratic” briefing style is one that permits views from all relevant team members to be taken into consideration during the briefing. It takes into account all points of view and rational before a decision is reached. This can be extremely time consuming and can inevitably result in no positive decision being taken. In an emergency situation this style of briefing would only be used when there was no appointed leader or responsible figurehead in position due to circumstance and the control team must act rapidly to avert disaster. During aftermath investigations no specific person could be held accountable for any decision whether right or wrong.

An “Authoritarian” briefing style is one where a singular person is responsible for the control of the whole group and he/she alone makes the decisions and takes responsibility for any and all actions. In an emergency situation this style of briefing is decisive and positive and through delegation of specific tasks to the rest of the control team would see the emergency situation brought under control to a rapid and satisfactory conclusion. During aftermath investigations each and every action can be accounted for by one person whether right or wrong.

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Wild Geese Group

A Malaysian owned, PETRONAS licensed and Industry endorsed company with a proven track record, WGG has established itself as a credible, cost effective ER support capable company.

Successfully integrating the OPITO standards into their ERSC1 facility, with more than a decade of Emergency & Crisis management experience in training, assessment and consultation in Malaysia to the Oil & Gas Industry.

WGG business model is seen by others as a model to use. As the industry continues in 2016 to change under the new commercial environment we have found ourselves in, the WGG ERSC concept is seen as a real outsource option to maintain standards whilst staying within moving budgets.

If this is something that might be of interest to you, contact us at

The Team

What make us different

The team at Wild Geese have worked extensively at all levels of command & control, bringing over 35 years of combined military & 15 years oil and gas experience, we fully appreciate and understand both the challenges and requirements that need to be addressed when operating in a risk filled environment.

What makes us different from our competitors is our approach through passion and understanding to get it right by conforming with industry standards requirements and imparting of knowledge from our personal experiences as operators, supervisors and managers. This is what we do and have been doing it for a long time, our track record speaks for itself, if your need is to train, assess, design or implement an ICS culture we are the industry leaders.

the Team

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“Be prepared before it is too late”

we have all heard these well published wise words but the reality of it is that Emergency Management starts with the preparedness phase, this often is the combination of written documents (procedures) and practical experience levels of those given the job of implementing the procedures, all monitored by industry work place standards.

This level of preparedness and management changes as we as a business mature, the key to success is ensuring that our procedures, skills of personnel develop as quickly as our business does, or if it all goes wrong we are able to control the situation by preventing escalation, pick up the pieces as quickly as possible, return to business as usual and learn from our experiences.

So how do we take that all important step to ensure our business, which is our people are safe and our business can continue without interruption or loss.

In the past the style of business and in particular the management of risk was seen as a more dictatorship style, “you must do this” now it is a more goal orientated style “this is how we want you to do it”.

Tell me of an industry that does not have work environments that are set up to minimize the risks & hazards to its people, environment and others not excluding the company or corporate image and reputation.

There are a number of Emergency Management, Incident Command, Business Continuity programs out there that we can share with you, we are also able to look at your business and identify which one will work for you and suit your needs.

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We are a small boutique company and our business for the past decade has been to support both large and small companies in establishing and maintaining the appropriate Emergency Management framework that is both easy to understand, implement and balanced within the industry operating criteria for compliance with standards and legislation.

We have an extensive list of clientele from a number of industry sectors who continue to utilize our expert services around the globe, our programs and products are customized to suit the needs of our clients.

We have the luxury of conducting Emergency Management & Crisis Management programs & workshops internationally across a wide range of industry sectors and because of this exposure, experience and expertise we are able to quickly share with you what works and what doesn’t work, and how you and your business will benefit from our services.

It is our approach and style that keeps us at the summit of the business, we deliver with a passionate and un-intrusive manner and will deliver within your operating parameters.

We cover all facets of Emergency Management, our services include but are not limited to;

  • Training, Appraisal & Assessment of personnel
  • Compiling a Training Needs Analysis or CBTA programs
  • Writing, Reviewing or Exercising an Emergency Response Plan or Procedure
  • Consultancy or Labor Hire Services
  • Design or Conduct of Pre Start Site Drill
  • Nationalization Programs for Key Personnel
  • Emergency Management Tools & Products (C-5 (android) application, MATE & SMART (windows operating systems) or server based data incident record keeping service
  • Practical Team sessions for Emergency Responders & Line Managers on site
  • Design & Testing of Crisis Management Plans & Procedures
  • Advice on Business Continuity Plans
  • Media & Next of Kin (Relative Response) Training & Document Inclusions
  • Governmental & Interested Parties Communications Processes

Very few of our competitor companies have such an expansive range of material and products which will aid you in not only being seen to do the right thing but actually doing the right thing.

Our goal is to keep you in production and operations within a reduced risk environment, we win when you win.

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We are Wild Geese, we will match your problems & challenges with recognized workable solutions.

Control the Confusion, Command the Clock & Communicate openly" Tim Allsop
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Relative Response Team Training, MOME Training Onsite, The M.A.T.E, Emergency Management Training Simulator, Integrated Drill, EMT, OIM CDP, CRO

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Public ICS Training, RRT Training, Integrated Drill, EMT, OPITO MEMIR

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Public ICS Training, MOME Training Onsite, Relative Response Team (RRT) Training, The M.A.T.E, Emergency Management Training Simulator, Integrated Drill, OPITO MEMIR

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Public Safety

Public ICS Training, MOME Training Onsite, RRT Training, The M.A.T.E, Emergency Management Training Simulator, Integrated Drill, EMT, OPITO MEMIR

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